Writing Services

Sullivan Copywriting offers companies of all sizes and across all industries a full menu of professional writing services, including: business writing and ghostwriting (thought leadership, articles, website content, case studies, product flyers/brochures, press releases, newsletters), creative writing (tag lines, slogans, concepts, headlines) and technical writing (product manuals, user guides, procedures).

Creative Writing Services

Creative writing breathes life into a story, and presents it in an original, compelling fashion that appeals to readers. Companies engage the services of professional writers to infuse the organization’s communications with creativity that helps them enhance, or in some cases, establish their product or service brand; highlight competitive advantages; and differentiate their products and services from the competition.

Sullivan Copywriting can help your organization with creative writing including:

• Slogans/Taglines
• Concepts/Headlines/Mottos
• Direct Response Marketing
• Social Media Marketing
• E-mail Marketing

Business Writing & Ghostwriting Services

As noted in our founding principles, we write in your voice, not ours. We help you amplify, and at the same time focus your voice to help your clients and prospects see your organization as a creative, authoritative and leading presence in its given field.

With considerable writing experience in the corporate sector, for companies large and small, Sullivan Copywriting has an exceptional ability to synthesize information from a wide range of corporate cultures into powerful, cohesive messages that get the point across.

Business writing and ghostwriting projects that we have completed:

• Thought Leadership
• Articles
• Case Studies
• Website Content
• Product/Service Flyers & Brochures
• Press Releases
• Newsletters
• Company Timelines

Technical Writing Services

Product manuals, user guides, procedures and other technical documents are critical to the operating success of any organization. Without a clear and simple, yet accurate description of complex concepts and processes, you can easily overwhelm and frustrate readers with mind-numbing minutia.

Sullivan Copywriting can help you express complicated subjects in a clean, concise, easy-to-understand format for your readers, while respecting the integrity of the subject. To accomplish this outcome, we will kick-off the project by meeting with you and your team to review nomenclature, terminology and jargon; distill key points and salient details; and possible touch points across your organization.

Sullivan Copywriting is a professional writing company based in Chester County, PA, and delivers business writing and ghostwriting, along with creative and technical writing and marketing services to companies from all industries, in PA, DE, MD, NJ, NY and throughout the United States.

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